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4 section aluminium radiator ,
£75.60 – £164.60

Our range of radiators are offered in a fully customisable widths. This means that you have the optimal size of radiator to both heat your room and maintain a cost efficient performance.


We have created a number set sizes radiators if you are certain on the sizes you need.

4 section aluminium radiator
£75.60 - £164.60


Looking for an aluminium radiator that will give you all the benefits of a steel radiator with a fraction of the water content? Look no further than the 4 section aluminium radiator! And with little water content compared to other radiators, you can save a lot of money on your heating bill


  • This beautiful radiator has been designed for those who want to cut down on the amount of water in their home by using a non-corrosive material.  
  • It’s also a great choice if you’re on a budget or just want to save money.
  • The 4 section aluminium radiator design ensures that the heat is evenly distributed across the house, so you get the most comfortable temperature possible.
  • This sleek looking unit is perfect for those cold winter days, and will keep your home warmer and more comfortable all day long. 
  • It comes in 570mm x 90mm height and depth and each section is about 80mm wide. However, the width is always dependent on the number of sections you choose – so if you order 4 sections you will receive a radiator with 80mm x 04 sections. The width is determined by the amount of space you have for it, so if you have only a small space you may want to consider a smaller width. ( We have all the options available for you)
  • This incredible 4 section aluminium radiator is perfect for small apartments or large houses. It comes with a choice of supply only or supply & fit options, so you can choose the perfect size for your space. 
  • Plus, it’s made with high-quality materials that are sure to last for years. So go ahead and stay warm this winter by making the ESBAH 4 section aluminium radiator your first choice.