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Do you spend a lot of money on repairs and maintenance? Here are 4 tips to save your expenses on boiler and radiator services

Do you spend a lot of money on boiler and radiator repairs and maintenance? If so, you’re not alone. Here are 4 tips to save your expenses on boiler and radiator service. Many homeowners struggle with the cost of repair and maintaining the boiler and radiator, from routine repairs to more complex damages such as radiator shutdown, gas leak, increased boiler pressure etc… These repairs doesn’t appear out of nowhere, rather it can be cause of an external damage nor due to overlooking minor repairs. After all, you’ll be counting on the central heating system for comfort year-round.

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4 Tips to Save Your Expenses on Boiler and Radiator Service

Service Enquiry

When you have a boiler or radiator service professional come to your home, take the opportunity to learn more about the central heating system they’ll be servicing. For starters, 

  • Do ask them to outline their service plan and what they’ll be doing during their visit. You can also ask them to explain what they’ll be doing to your heating systems. 
  • This will help you understand their approach and know what you can expect. You can also ask the technician about the repair warranty and product replacement cost involved. Knowing what they did and what parts they have replaced can help you better understand the repair expenses. 
  • In addition to better understanding what’s happening during their visit, you’ll also know what to expect from your next service.
  • It’s better to know than blaming/complaining about the cost involved in servicing your boiler and radiator.

Never Overlook Minor Repairs

Boiler and Radiator repair is a common pitfall that reaches everyone’s doorstep at some point. However, most people believe that it doesn’t make sense to fix a leaky radiator unless the radiator is completely broken. Due to this, many minor boiler and radiator problems have been overlooked which later lead to massive expenses in repairing nor replacing the boiler and radiator.

One of the best way to reduce frequent repairs is to get a better understanding about your radiator and boiler, especially frequent maintenance helps the boiler and radiator stay in pristine condition. 

For example; You may discover that your boiler is in good shape and only small issues are causing problems. In these cases, simply addressing those issues sooner could save you money rather than waiting for major repairs.

Tip: Look for a free consultation before hiring Before looking to hire an engineer or a plumber, question the company or technician you’re looking to hire. This will help you save money and receive quality service. Just remember, only a registered plumber can do the plumbing services so you can claim insurance and only a Gas Safe Registered engineer can service your Boiler and Radiator so you can claim manufacturers warranty as well as the insurance.

Keep track of the repairs

One of the important ways to save on your boiler and radiator service costs is to keep track of your services. Every component has a warranty and guarantee period, so if an engineer replaces your boiler and radiator components, you should also know about the components warranty inorder to get a free replacement if the component gets damaged within the warranty time period. 

This can help you identify recurring issues. Additionally, do ask your technician or an engineer who comes to service your boiler and radiator about the component life expectancy. This can give you a clear idea, How long your serviced components can last? It can also help you gain clarity over the service and can help save expenses in the long run.

Evaluate your energy efficiency

The best way to save on your boiler and radiator service costs is to evaluate your energy efficiency. This can help you identify the problems with your Radiator and Boiler. Like minor and hidden central heating problems

It’s better to reduce the central heating coverage area in your house to help save expenses in energy bills. Consider you have an attic or unused rooms receiving heating throughout the winter. These specific locations will add up the cost which does not benefit you in any way. Similarly if you notice odd room temperature in different rooms, then there is a problem with the heat distribution system. Even damaged ventilation can increase your energy expenses. 

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While it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t stop wear and tear repairs, yet you can make an impact on your home’s energy efficiency and increase the life of your boiler and radiator.

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