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What is Power Flushing?

Your radiators, boiler, and whole central heating system, over time, will start to build up with sludge, rust, and grime internally. Not only does this affect the performance of your system, causing your energy bills to rise, but it can also lead to serious damage. In extreme cases, central systems that have serious build-ups of sludge and rust in the system can result in irreparable damage to the boiler. This can lead to the boiler needing replacement. This can be prevented with power flushing the system.

Power Flushing is carried out by professionals, such as ourselves at ESBAH. Using specialist equipment and chemicals that are connected to your heating system then flushed through clearing all sludge, grime, and rust.

How do I know if I need Power Flushing?

There are some very common tell-tale signs that your central heating and boiler system may need to be Power Flushed.

  • Your Radiators may be cold or have cold patches, maybe even take a long time to heat, if they heat completely at all. This is usually a sign of residue build up a can lead to serious increases in fuel bills
  • Your Boiler may frequently cut out or make strange noises, like bangs or bumps internally. These noises are known as kettling. This can lead to damage of the heat exchanger on the boiler or worse. This can result in very costly repairs if left unattended.
  • Hot Water is unreliable or pressure is low. Again, this is likely due to build up of residue and limescale. This can also put undue pressure on the boiler heat exchanger leading to further damage.
  • Radiators are completely cold but pipes are hot. This is a sign of serious blockage. Left unattended this could burst, causing a lot of damage and distress.

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You will notice an immediate improvement in how fast radiators heat, your energy bills will see reductions and you will avoid any costly repairs that may be caused by not having your system cleaned with power flushing.

With teams covering the whole of the UK, you can be assured that we can have your system power flushed and performing as good as new.

Radiator Power Flushing By ESBAH

We offer a full central heating and radiator power flushing service to homes and businesses of all sizes. If you have only a couple of radiators in a small flat or a hotel with dozens of radiators, we have industry-leading equipment to be able to deal with projects of any size.

There are several terms for describing central power flushing, including jet flushing, chemical power flushing, and hard flushing. Simply put these all describe the process of cleaning and cleansing a central heating system.  It is an efficient and affordable way of cleaning your central heating system, with a host of long and short term benefits.

By pumping a combination of pressurized water and chemicals around your central heating system at high velocity in controlled conditions, it works to remove any built-up debris and sludge that may be damaging your system and affecting its performance.

Once the full power flushing process is completed your central heating system will be left with clean flowing freshwater and greatly improved performance.

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Radiator Power Flushing By ESBAH