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Boiler repair Birmingham or near you is the most cost effective way than boiler replacement. However, here are the top 8 warning signs to know that you need a new boiler.

Boiler repair Birmingham and surrounding areas is common due to the frequent usage of the central heating system and boiler during winter. However, frequent maintenance and yearly inspection can keep a boiler running for more than 15 years. Moreover, after a certain point even the best kept boilers wear out eventually. 

As we said in previous blog posts, the cost of boiler repair in Birmingham is less than the cost of replacement. Yet the question is, What if boiler repairs are frequent?

Top 8 warning signs to know that you need a new boiler

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Top 8 warning signs to know that you need a new boiler

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Kettling Noise

Boiler and Central Heating System making strange noises isn’t uncommon. A normal boiler sound is none more than humming noise, which most of them wouldn’t notice. However, if you hear strange noises like banging, kettling, and whirring, then it’s due to a broken part in the boiler or sludge formation within the boiler. 

Whenever you hear strange noises in the central heating system and boiler, that’s different from what you used to hear at the beginning of Installation. Turn Off the boiler and don’t try any DIY, and call ESBAH Emergency Plumber in Birmingham. Our Plumbers will advise you with the best way to service it and boiler replacement will be used as the last option.

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Frequent Breakdown

Breakdowns in boilers are common, when the usage is high. It might be due to wear and tear of boiler components or sludge formation due to hard water. There are two types of frequent breakdowns, 

  • lack of quality servicing the boiler will lead to another breakdown
  • Boiler has become old enough to have extended life expectancy.

The price of boiler replacement might look like a lot compared to boiler repair in Birmingham, however frequent boiler repair in Birmingham and surrounding areas will definitely cost you more than the boiler replacement. ESBAH Emergency Plumbers will be happy to help you with servicing and replacing your boiler, in case you have decided for a boiler replacement.

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Slow Heating 

Slow Heating is usual, if there is low water pressure or sludge formation or leak in the boiler. Yet, if your boiler and central heating system is still heating slowly even after servicing your boiler and central heating system, then it’s time for a boiler replacement. Slow heating in aged boilers is due to lack of efficiency, this efficiency can be retained by yearly inspection and service, however at some point Boiler loses its efficiency.

“Improper Maintenance has always been top reason behind slow heating, here are top 5 most common causes of heating repairs in central heating system

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Increased Energy Bills

In recent times, the increased energy bills might be a new normal due to the economy and inflation. Although, there are other possibilities for increased energy bills like damage in the boiler, boiler leak, sludge formation etc.. leading to increased energy bills, even with less boiler and central heating system usage. Apart from that, you can contact ESBAH Emergency Plumber to do an inspection and find the reason behind rising energy bills. 

Sometimes increased energy bills is none but a warning due to overlooked boiler and central heating problems.

“United Kingdom Government has launched multiple schemes for energy saving and to reduce your energy bills

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Yellow Flame

One of the most alarming warning signs for boiler replacement is the Yellow Flame. Boilers usually burn in blue flame, this yellow flame points out carbon monoxide problem. It’s a serious issue leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s mandatory for homeowners to use the carbon monoxide alarm incase of a leak from the boiler, because the carbon monoxide gas is odorless and colorless. If you don’t have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted in your house or working premises, here is how to install a carbon monoxide alarm.

If you detect yellow flame in your boiler, turn off the boiler and vacate everyone out of the home and call ESBAH Gas Safe Registered Engineers. 

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Boiler Leak

If your boiler starts to leak, it might be due to a component damage in the boiler. In such cases, call ESBAH Emergency Boiler Repair in Birmingham, so our plumbers can inspect your boiler and see if it could be repaired. Overlooking boiler leak is extremely dangerous, which might damage other parts of the boiler, reduce its efficiency and also lead to slow heating.

“Here are top 5 reasons to service your boiler this summer

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Low Efficiency

In 2007, the United Kingdom made it mandatory for all boilers to be condensing boilers. A Condensing Boiler is 90% efficient compared to the older boilers. Each boiler is ranked from A to G as per Energy-related Products (ErP), the older boilers are ranked at G, which is below 70%. 

However as per United Kingdom Government energy efficiency report, so far 46% of users’ boiler efficiency is ranked in C, which is around 82-86% energy efficiency. If you have an older boiler, upgrading it to a modern boiler will increase your energy efficiency.

Boiler Repair Birmingham | Boiler Life Expectancy

It’s common to see a clickbait advertisement promoting their boiler that can last for more than 25 years. As of today, modern boilers compared to the older boilers don’t survive more than 10 to 15 years, and that too only if they have been maintained properly with an yearly inspection. Even if your boiler doesn’t have any damage or faults, as time passes by, the need for energy efficient boilers makes it mandatory to replace the old boiler with modern ones.

Boiler Repair Birmingham | ESBAH Emergency Plumber Birmingham

ESBAH emergency plumber services offer a wide range of plumbing services in and around Birmingham and the west midlands. Our company has over 30 years of experience in providing emergency plumber services and we are also one of the few companies with the most number of gas-certified engineers who understand the central heating system in and out. We are available 24×7 throughout the year, so please call us at 0121 582 2355 or info@emergencyplumber.services if you require Emergency Plumbing Services at a fair price.

Note: Low Boiler Pressure is one of the important concerns in maintaining the Boiler. Here are top 6 reasons to know why you may have low boiler pressure

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