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It’s common in households to dispose of wastes through drain. In this blog post “Emergency Plumber Near Me: Common household items that you shouldn’t dispose in your drain”, we will let you know which household items causes harm to the drain pipeline.

It can be really tempting or easy to dispose of the wastes through the drain. However, disposing household wastes through drain pipes can cause damage to drain pipelines, paving the way to toilet overflow, drainage overflow, blockage in drain pipelines, and especially burst drain pipe.

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Emergency Plumber Near Me: Common household items that you shouldn’t dispose in your drain

Emergency Plumber Near Me: Gasoline or Motor Oil

Disposing Gasoline or Motor Oil through the drain will be the most foolish decision one could make. As most of you know, they’re flammable and drainages are filled with Methane Gas. Any component or liquid that creates flammable reaction to the sewer gas, is highly dangerous to people around it.

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Emergency Plumber Near Me: Kitchen Food Wastes and Cooking Oil

Draining kitchen wastes through the sink or toilet bowl, forms a grease like fluid in the drain pipeline. Which later transforms to clog or blockage within the drain pipeline. First advice is not to drain the kitchen wastes into the drain line, in case if you have done previously, do pour hot water through the drain line at least once a week. So the hot water flushed out the sticky food wastes and grease sticking to the drain pipeline.

Emergency Plumber Near Me: Lint from Washing Machine

Lint is none other than tiny fibres of fabric that are shed from edges of clothes. Every Washing Machine has a Lint filter or Lint trap, however once the filter gets full, these Lints stick to the clothes being washed and drained through the water used for washing. Over time, the drained Lint creates a nasty clog in the laundry drain. Best way to protect the laundry drain from being clogged, is to clean the lint filter at least once a month. You can find where it is located in the washing machine manual.

Emergency Plumber Near Me: Paint

Pouring the paint down your drain will harden and constrict your drain pipeline. This affects the drain flow and also increases the possibility of getting clogged even with the smallest particle. You won’t be able to flush the paint in the drain pipeline, once it hardens. In case if your drain pipeline gets clogged, replacing the set of pipeline will be the only way to get the drain flow run smooth again. 

Emergency Plumber Near Me: Flushable Wipes

Moist towelette are often advertised as flushable wipes, which isn’t true. They are non-degradable. As per Natracare, even the biodegradable flushable wipes shouldn’t be flushed down the drain due to time taken to break down. Flushable Wipes can give homeowners a headache, that no plunger can be used to clear the blockage. In time, these flushable wipes combine with other wastes drained through the pipeline and form a hard clog or sometimes overflow of wastes through sink and toilet bowl. Have a look at other services.

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Emergency Plumber Near Me: Household Cleaners

Household cleaning products must be disposed as per the manufacturers recommendation, it shouldn’t be poured down the drain after expiring or no longer in use. Household cleaning products contain different chemical combinations that aren’t good for the drain pipeline, when it’s poured down the drain pipeline at the same time. Moreover it may cause burst pipe or create a flammable environment in your drain pipeline.

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