4 Minor Plumbing Problems You Should Never Ignore

4 Minor Plumbing Problems You Should Never Ignore

Plumbing Problems are common in everyone’s home. It’s easy for people to overlook basic plumbing issues due to scheduled work time and other necessary activities to thrive in daily life. In some cases, these minor plumbing problems may even result in serious problems if it isn’t serviced quickly and by a professional. 

Some house owners believe these minor plumbing problems are better dealt with by doing a repetitive minor fix and putting off a full repair till “later”. This is one of the worst ideas that a homeowner can have.Ignoring a minor plumbing problem will always lead to bigger, more expensive problems further down the line.Take action immediately save money, stress and damage.

Most homeowners think they  know how to fix the basic plumbing problems, or  at least they believe they know how to stop them from getting worse.This sort of knowledge is extremely important, but most of the time quick fixes and DIY solutions don’t work and actually end up causing more problems than solutions. In such cases it’s better to call ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services.

Here are the Four Minor Plumbing Problems you should never ignore

  • Leaking Faucets and Taps   

Leaking faucets and taps is one of the most common plumbing problems in every household. It can be in the kitchen, bathroom or faucet that’s used frequently. The Leak in Faucet and taps is due to wear & tear of material due to frequent usage. And most of you do try to close the faucet and taps tighter when you hear the dripping sound or even see the faucet and taps leaking. Most cases, the tighter you close the leak stops, but in the worst case scenario the faucet or tap breaks and wastes all your water.

QuickFix :

If the faucet or tap thread has become loose, you can use the necessary tools to adjust them. Saves time and Money. But if you find all of them fitted right in order and still the faucet is leaking. Then it’s better to call ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services.


As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, The average household’s leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year and ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day

Leaking Faucets and Taps
  • Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure in faucets inside your home can tell you the condition of the plumbing system. Water Pressure should remain fairly constant within your home in faucets, showers etc.. The Low Water Pressure may be caused due to

  • Blockage in Water Pipe
  • Leak in Water Pipe
  • Damaged Valve or Pressure Regulators

Quick Fix :

Call your water service provider and check if the water is being stopped or rerouted for servicing the water pipes. If they said no, it may be due to any of the problems as said above. Only a Professional Plumbing Company can identify the cause of low water pressure, if it isn’t serviced on time. At some point, you wouldn’t receive any water in your home.

  • OverFlowing Toilets

Overflowing toilets is caused due to blockage within the sewer pipe connecting your toilet and sewer pipeline. In such a case, we could easily define the cause as maybe due to dumping material wastes like beauty products or healthcare products into the toilet. As we have said in our previous blog post about “Top Reasons to Hire Professional Drainage Services” .

But the worst case scenario may be due to overflow in your drainage system. To identify that, check your sink, toilet and shower drain line. Each pipe line in your home intersects at a point connecting the sewer line, if there is a drainage overflow you could find easily by Foul smell and water overflow.

         Quick Fix :

          Whenever there is a overflow in toilet, people usually choose to do 

          the second worst thing which is pouring in the Blockage Remover 

Chemical or Toilet Cleaner. These removers and cleaners are types of chemicals that affect both your toilet ceramics as well as your pipeline. Do call us and get the recommended emergency blockage remover suggestion that doesn’t affect your toilet and pipeline. 

  • Discolored Water

Discolored Water is due to rust or iron built up within your plumbing system. As per Regional Water Authority , discolored water can even be due to natural occurring minerals. And it isn’t suggested to drink colored water, as in many cases it hasn’t done any good to people’s health conditions.

Quick Fix :

If you haven’t used a water pipeline for a long time, then let the water flow for 10-15 Min and wait for the pure crystal clear water before taking a sip. We suggest you to drink hot and purified water, which is good for health too. Call ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services if the discoloration of water hasn’t changed even after flowing 10-15 Min.

How can ESBAH help you?

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