5 common tell tale signs to replace your water heater

5 common tell tale signs to replace your water heater

Regardless of time and day, the water heater is one of the most used appliances in a household, especially during winter. According to a survey on appliance utilisation, a water heater is used at least 10–20 times each day for a variety of functions and at various temperatures. For instance, washing dishes, taking a shower and doing laundry etc..

Most homeowners frequently overlook the increased daily consumption that causes water heaters to deteriorate. Ignoring a water heater’s warning indications may result in further costs and the replacement cost will drain your finances.

Here are 5 common tell tale signs you should be aware about to save you from further expenses.

What affects your water heater?

According to the manufacturer’s guarantee, water heaters typically last 10 to 15 years. However, with time and as a result of water quality issues or normal wear and tear, some parts of the water heater, such as the anode rod, heating elements, and particularly the tank chamber start to corrode.

Damaged water heater parts may usually be fixed or replaced for a minimal cost, but ignoring these minor issues necessitates replacing the entire water heater.

5 common tell tale signs to replace your water heater

Inconsistent water temperature

The fluctuating water heater temperature is among the most commonly known signs that can be easily identified. Where the temperature of hot water occasionally rises beyond the fixed temperature and occasionally falls below it. This sign issues two possible cautions;

  • Damaged Thermostat
  • Damaged Heating components

However, the thermostat and heating components can be repaired. Overlooking these damages will lead to internal damage in the water heater and cause further problems. In such cases, the possible worst case scenario is to completely replace the water heater.

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Discoloured water

If you’re receiving a discolored water through your tap and shower, 

It’s due to;

  • Damaged Anode Rod
  • Sludge formation in the water heater

Most of the components within the water heater can expire in 3-5 years, only if all the working conditions are met. These sediments within the water heater tank can be flushed and eventually damaged rod can also be replaced. If these problems go overlooked or unfixed for too long, it may not be possible anymore to fix them as they start damaging other components of the water heater; which will lead to the entire water heater replacement.

Low water pressure

If you have low water pressure at your faucets, sediment buildup may be the cause, or there may be an issue with your water provider. The area with hard and soft water can be considered as an important factor. Calling ESBAH emergency plumbing services in these circumstances can help fix your water heater and even assist you with low water pressure.

Unusual sound

Unusual noises originating from the water heater might be attributed to sludge buildup and broken parts. This is one of the warning indicators that shouldn’t be disregarded since sludge buildup will begin to clog the valve and necessitate replacing the water heater.

In addition, it’s vital to know that these odd noises coming from water heaters are a warning indicator that might cause greater harm, including water heater explosions.

Increased energy bill

For every home, rising energy bills are a nightmare right now. Even the UK government’s website advised people to use their water heaters and other gas-related equipment less in order to save energy.

However, a damaged water heater or central heating system components might also be the cause of a rise in energy bills. 

Does Age of the water heater affect its performance?

One of the widespread misconceptions is that replacing an old water heater is the only way to save service expenses. Although the majority of water heater manufacturers provide a guarantee of between 10 and 15 years, only proper maintenance and at least a yearly inspection can assist extend the water heater’s lifespan and efficiency.

How can ESBAH emergency plumbing services fix your water heater?

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