Is your water bill too high? Here are 4 potential causes

Is your water bill too high Here are 4 potential causes

Water is a major utility in any city, and a major concern for every household as the water bill takes a chunk of the household’s monthly financial expenses. The sudden increase in your water bill is a sign that you are either using too much water or that it is being wasted in some other way.

It’s critical to identify the root cause of an unusually high water bill and address it as soon as possible. In light of this, we have identified the top 4 causes of the rising water bill

Is your water bill too high? Here are 4 potential causes

Outdated toilets and plumbing fixtures

The majority of us think that our outdated toilet and plumbing equipment is of the highest calibre. However, compared to more modern toilets and plumbing fixtures, these old toilets and fittings use more water.

For example:  Your outdated toilets use 6 litres of water for each flush, but modern toilets use just 4.5 litres for a complete flush. While modern shower heads use just 9 litres of water per minute, comparable old vintage shower heads use 20 litres per minute.

You may learn more about water usage by comparing vintage toilets and plumbing fixtures with modern plumbing fixtures and toilets .

Most crucially, damage to the pipeline may also be to blame for a sudden increase in your water rates. Do not hesitate to contact ESBAH emergency plumbing services in such situations; we will arrive at your door as soon as you call.

Damaged household appliances

Another possible cause for the increased water bill is damaged household appliances like;

  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Water heater
  • Furnace Humidifier
  • Boiler
  • Radiator

Water is the functioning supply for all of the aforementioned equipment. However, if these appliances have a defective component or are out-of-date, it reflects in increased water usage.

Your water cost can be decreased by using high efficiency appliances that use less water. Additionally, check the efficiency of your home’s appliances to avoid a rise in both your energy and water costs at the same time.

Lateral line leaks

Rarely, lateral line leaks are caused by ageing pipes, tree roots getting into the pipes, an earthquake, or some exterior damage made by an animal or lawnmower. 

Given that the pipeline might be broken anywhere between the water supply point and your receiving point, it will be difficult to locate the underground pipe leak in such circumstances without the assistance of a specialist.

In case you have a rising water bill and couldn’t figure out why, we are just a phone call ahead. Contact us now

Faulty water softener

Almost 60% of households in the United Kingdom receive hard water which periodically damages the household appliances and reduces its lifespan. So far only 3% of households use water softener to cut cost in repairing appliances due to hard water.

If you have a water softener, water softener systems automatically backwashes itself with the freshwater to regenerate. However, sometimes the backwash gets stuck in an open position causing the water to be continuously drained into the sewer system. In such cases, call ESBAH emergency plumbing services immediately.

Stop these water wasting habits to reduce your water bill

  • Long shower times, showering between 5 – 10 minutes can literally help you save lot in water bill
  • Wasting extra water than required to wash dishes 
  • Running water to thaw meats and frozen foods
  • Overwatering lawns
  • Using top load washing machines which consumes 200% more water than front load washing machine
  • Overlooking leaks from water utility appliances
  • Overlooking the damaged water metre

How can ESBAH emergency plumbing services help reduce your water bill?

ESBAH Emergency Plumber Services offer a wide range of plumbing services in and around Birmingham, West Midland, and surrounding areas. Our plumbing professionals are pros at resolving every kind of plumbing issues quickly, from boiler repair to radiator power flushing. 

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