Looking for ways to cut your winter energy bills?

Looking for ways to cut your winter energy bills?

Rapidly rising energy costs are affecting homes and businesses in the UK at levels previously unseen. With the latest energy price cap announcement meaning average household energy bills will top £3500 by October and forecasts of £5000 or more per year to be reached soon, everyone will be looking for any way to save on these bills that they can. Looking for ways to cut your winter energy bills?

If you’re wondering how to reduce your energy bills in winter you are not alone.  Online searches for terms such as “cut my energy bill” have skyrocketed. According to Martin Lewis, the Founder of MoneySavingExpert, the cost of energy has risen to 51% at the beginning of April and is about to increase more at the end of 2022.

Covid lockdown and tense situations between countries have led to the rising cost of energy affecting every individual in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately these rises are forecast to keep on coming for the next 12-18 months.

Here are some easy energy saving tips that could reduce your monthly bills.

Are you ready to tackle the cost of your energy bills?

If you have never been an expert in saving unnecessary energy consumption, then now is your time to become an expert in it. As most of the United Kingdom residents are expected to pay hundreds of pounds per month, with no clear end in site if when these price increases will stop.

A typical household gas and electricity bill will rise to £3,549 a year from October, Ofgem announced on Friday 26th August 2022.

Looking for ways to cut your winter energy bills?

Draught proof your house

Little gaps in doors, windows, unused chimneys or cracks in skirting boards, are among the few reasons for 20% of heat loss in your house. It means your home’s central heating system has to consume more energy in order to warm your house completely and compensate for 20% of heat loss. 

Here are some ways to draught proof your home;

  • Seal gaps
  • Weatherstripping tape
  • Brush strips at the bottom of external doors
  • Draught excluders
  • Flexible sealant
  • Compression threshold strips
  • Thermal curtains and blinds
  • Carpets or rugs with underlay
  • Keyhole covers
  • Chimney cap
  • Letterbox internal brush or cover

Inspect your central heating system for any damage

Increased energy bills have always been the warning signs to inspect the boiler, radiator and central heating system for damages within the appliances. Even minor damages within the central heating system will lead to increased energy consumption. 

That’s why we always recommend an yearly inspection or at least a pre-winter inspection to make sure, your central heating system runs with efficiency and your energy costs don’t go through the  roof.  For more info on a yearly inspection click here

Insulate your condensate pipe

The outdoor condensate pipeline is exposed to cold temperatures during winter. This can cause the water in the pipe to freeze and prevent the boiler from operating efficiently. However, in such situations, some boilers can increase the energy consumption to increase the boiler efficiency. With this in mind insulation can help reduce unnecessary energy use. You can learn more from this video, click this link HERE

Use a smart meter or fix your thermostat

A damaged thermostat can cause boilers to increase their energy consumption and affect your boiler performance. It makes the boiler work inefficiently and frequently changes the boiler temperature which leads to increased energy bills.  Smart meters allow you to accurately see your usage and help you keep control of your spend.  A really good read on this topic is HERE

How can ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services help reduce your energy bills?

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