Top 6 reasons to know why you may have low boiler pressure

Top 6 reasons to know why you may have low boiler pressure


One of the most common problems in boilers is Low boiler pressure. From time to time, if a boiler isn’t serviced or inspected for at least a year, it can lose its tendency to provide hot water and support you with a warm temperature within the home at all times. It’s not just the boiler, it affects the entire central heating system along with the radiator.

In order to work properly, your boiler needs to intake a constant amount of water and air to make sure pressure in the system is adequate for the usage of the boiler when it’s switched on. Moreover, modern boilers need constant water pressure to work properly. Even a leak in the system or pressure relief valve and low water pressure can become the root cause of the Low Boiler Pressure. 

High Boiler Pressure and Low Boiler Pressure are not good for your home, so always check your gauge for pressure level and see if it’s balanced.

How to find if my boiler is losing pressure?

If you suspect that your boiler has lost pressure, check your boiler manual and panel of your boiler to check for the pressure level. 

Boiler Pressure Rule, 

  • Normal Boiler Pressure – 1.0 to 1.5 bars
  • Low Boiler Pressure – Less than 1.0 bars
  • High Boiler Pressure – Above 2.5 bars

How to find if my boiler is losing pressure?

Your boiler will have a pressure gauge indicating the pressure levels, the pressure gauge will have both red and green indicators. See if your gauge needle is within the “Normal Boiler Pressure” level if the needle is pointing to the red indicators. It’s better to call ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services, only gas certified engineers can service the boiler. If you have a modern boiler, you will see a digital screen flashing an error code when the boiler is losing pressure or high pressure. 

Reason for Low Boiler Pressure

Whether it’s a leak in the system or a faulty pressure relief valve, there are several reasons why your boiler pressure is dropping. The boiler pressure issues are easily diagnosable when you get to identify them sooner and frequently inspect them to save some cash from using them to replace the entire boiler. Some of the issues can be resolved by yourselves. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

Here are some of the common reasons behind low boiler pressure

  • Boiler Leakage
  • Radiator Bleed
  • A leak within the system
  • The faulty Pressure relief valve
  • Damaged Expansion Valve
  • Damaged Boiler Parts

Boiler Leakage

Most of the time, Low Boiler Pressure is caused due to the leak within the boiler itself or somewhere within the central heating system

  • Corroded Parts
  • Loosen Parts over time

Unless the Boiler is serviced or inspected at least once a year, the corrosive parts and the loosened parts within the boiler or central heating system will create more damage within the boiler as well as be a “Ticking Wallet Drainer” ready to empty your wallet once they’re to be serviced after a long time.

Radiator Bleed

Radiator Bleed

Radiator Bleed is one of the most common reasons if you have a low boiler pressure. Whether you have done Radiator PowerFlushing recently for heating problems or even if you have bled the radiator to check the watercolour.

Radiator Bleed allows the air within the radiator to escape which is necessary to manage pressure within the central heating system as well as the boiler. As we said above, constant water and air pressure are vital for boilers to work well.

A leak within the system

A leak within the system refers to a leak in the water flow pipe to the boiler. This leak reduces the water pressure as well as required water flow to the boiler for the adequate working process. Fixing this leakage might be tricky because most of the housing pipelines are either beneath the floor or within the wall.

Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

As the name suggests, pressure relief valves are meant to release the excess amount of pressure, when the boiler pressure level crosses normal pressure level to a higher pressure level which is 2.5 Bars and above. If the pressure relief valve is faulty, it will start leaking the water through the valve. The pressure relief valve would have been fixed outside your house or in an open space. So if you want to check that your pressure relief valve is faulty or not, just check if there is a leak but do not open them in any situation without “Gas Safety Kit and Training”. 

Damaged Expansion Vessel

When you switch on the boiler and If your boiler pressure reaches higher boiler pressure or above 2.5 bars to heat up. Then there might be damage to the Expansion Vessel. The reason is, when the expansion vessel is damaged, the water has nowhere to go. It has to reach a safe spot, as a security measure Pressure Relief Valve releases the excess pressure so the appliances can reach the safe level. This sudden process brings down your pressure level from high to so low which further causes more damage within the boiler.

Damaged Boiler Parts

The Final and Most important reason is damaged boiler parts, some companies do give guarantees for 10-15 years especially with the norms of how it should be used. But not everyone reads the manual nor does everyone inspect the boilers frequently to save some money in energy bills as well as from further damages. Boiler parts do get corroded and damaged when the boiler hasn’t been used for so long. One of the other reasons will be the hard water which is the most common problem around Birmingham, MidLands and some parts of the United Kingdom, hard water damages your pipelines, radiator, boiler, and everything that needs water for usage.

How to Fix the Low Boiler Pressure?

We wouldn’t suggest an easy fix for the low boiler pressure, as there isn’t anything as easy fix when it comes to fixing a boiler. Servicing a Boiler needs a Gas Safety Certification, if the boiler parts are removed or tried to be fixed by a Non-Certified Gas Engineer, then you can no longer avail of the guarantee for the boiler. If you check the manual or your guarantee card, you can see a specific rule to avail guarantee from the company by hiring Gas Safety Certified Engineers to fix your boiler. It’s a law in the United Kingdom, so do not waste your 15 years warranty trying to get them fixed for a cheap price.

Norms to Follow, Once you know the boiler pressure is too low or too high

As we have said in one of our previous posts about Servicing your boiler during summer, you can see specific details about how boiler pressure can be a cause of basic disease to extreme health disorder among the family members who don’t service the boiler from time to time.

  • Do not open your pressure relief valve, if you found something odd with your boiler pressure temperature
  • Sometimes the analogue gauges won’t work due to external climate conditions, during that time just check your room temperature with a thermostat attached to the home
  • Never try to adjust the temperature valve in a boiler, adjusting them without any prior understanding might increase your room temperature and be warned might lead to the house fire.
  • Once you find your boiler pressure is getting too high or too low, switch off and inform our ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services. We will handle it with our Gas Certified Engineers. The reason is, the pressure can be blocked within the pipe. If you don’t turn it off, there is a high chance of getting your boiler damaged completely which will cost you to replace them or the pressure pipe might burst and cause damages within the house
Why Should you hire only the Gas Certified Engineers to Repair the Boilers?

Gas Certified Engineers are the only allowed personnel to service the boiler. If the non-certified engineer tries to service your boiler, you can’t claim a warranty and guarantee from the boiler company in case you need any parts to be replaced or serviced. To avail of price reduction in services and part replacement, you have to hire only the Gas Certified Engineer, you can call our ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services. We have highly trained gas certified engineers and we follow industrial methods to repair your boiler at a reduced cost.

How can ESBAH help your Boiler problem be solved?

We are one of the most reliable boiler repair companies in Birmingham that provide emergency boiler repair and maintenance service in and around Birmingham. Repairing a boiler requires qualified staff and you should always use a Gas Safe registered technician, not doing so can be dangerous. Call our Gas Safe registered engineers on 0121 582 2355. We take great pride in employing the best engineers and plumbers who can exceed the expectations of our valuable customers.

Note: This should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, with the main objective to ensure your boiler continues to operate safely and efficiently.