Signs and Symptoms of Boiler Gas Leaks

Signs and Symptoms of Gas Leaks

Most of the houses in the United Kingdom have two or more gas appliances that help each and every family to have a comfortable life. These Gas appliances have great perks when it’s maintained frequently, yet if these Gas appliances aren’t maintained, then even the slightest problem will become a great trouble for the family.

With many deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations connected to gas leaks each year, gas safety is something that every family should take seriously. This article discusses 

  • What causes Gas Leak?
  • Signs of a Gas Leak
  • What to do, If you suspect a Gas Leak?
  • How to prevent Gas Leak?

Signs and Symptoms of Boiler Gas leaks

What causes Gas Leak?

Gas leaks are usually caused by three things

  • Improper Installation
  • Wear and Tear 
  • Service Engineer Error

Boiler and Central Heating System can be installed by any plumber around the county, yet making sure to use a reputed plumbing company like ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services to install a new boiler or service your existing central heating system will save you from major gas leak problems occurring due to improper installation and servicing error.

However, when it comes to wear and tear, every component within the boiler and central heating system do wear out. Frequent maintenance at least once a year will increase your central heating system,

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • life expectancy

Signs of a Gas Leak

There are 5 signs of a Gas leak that can be identified through either way that your house has a gas leak or not,

  • Rotten Egg Smell

If your house has a gas leak within your house gas line, you might smell a rotten egg odour within your home. However, if there is a gas leak in one of your yard or garden pipelines, you can easily identify the leak through “dead plants” or “rotten egg smell”

  • Condensation

Your boiler emits carbon monoxide when it consumes gas and sends it out through the exhaust vent or pipeline. If there is a leak in the pipeline, you can identify them through condensation in windows or surrounding places near the leak.

  • Pilot Light Issue

Pilot lights are the easiest way to identify if there is a leak or issue with your gas line. The pilot light will naturally blow out once it identifies a gas leak or problem with your boiler.

  • Physical Symptoms

If you haven’t noticed or paid attention to the gas leak, it will directly affect your health, leading you to suffocation and nausea. It’s better to make sure you handle the gas leak at the beginning stage.

  • Increased Gas Bill

If your boiler consumption has not increased but your gas costs continue to rise, it might be due to a gas leak within your home or outside in the yard.

What to do if you suspect a gas leak?

Once you have identified the gas leak or even suspect a gas leak

  • Turn off your properties Gas Supply
  • Do not touch any electric switches or anything that can spark.
  • Open all your windows.
  • Evacuate the House.
  • Call ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Service, so we can send you the Gas Safe Engineers who can make sure your gas leak is dealt with and you’re safe too.

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How to prevent Gas Leak?

Here are a few easy ways to make sure you’re prepared for the Gas leak in advance

  • Install a Carbon Monoxide alarm in your house. If there is a gas leak, the alarm will easily detect and alert you at the starting stage. So you can alert Gas Safe engineers immediately.
  • Maintaining and Servicing your boiler or central heating system at least once a year will eventually save you from unnecessary repairs in the middle of winter as well as gas leaks too.
  • Important of all, Hire only Gas Safe Registered engineers to make sure your boiler and central heating system problems are completely dealt with within the warranty.

How can ESBAH help you?

We are one of the most dependable boiler repair businesses in Birmingham, offering emergency boiler repair and maintenance services around the city. Repairing a boiler necessitates the employment of skilled personnel, and you should always engage a Gas Safe registered technician; failing to do so can be harmful. Call 0121 582 2355 or mail to, to speak with one of our Gas Safe trained engineers. We take great satisfaction in hiring the greatest engineers and plumbers who can exceed our valued clients’ expectations.