The 5 Most Common Causes of Heating Repairs within Central Heating System

The 5 Most Common Causes of Heating Repairs within Central Heating System

In each and every one of our posts, we recommend everyone to do the inspection or get your central heating system serviced before winter arrives. But only 5 – 10 % of people act cautious and prepare for winter before it arrives. You might come up with a question “Why should we get it serviced during summer ?” Our simple answer is “So you don’t have to suffer the hard cold which is increasing each year and you don’t need to wait in a queue before your central heating system starts to completely work fine.

So the heating problems have become more of a usual problem nowadays, as the temperatures and climatic conditions change or get severe each year. Getting them inspected each year will help you keep your central heating system in good condition and will reduce your extra payment into servicing or replacing the central heating system due to the lack of not inspecting the problem firsthand.

The 5 Most Common Causes of Heating Repairs within Central Heating System

Heating repairs are such a headache when it happens during winter because most servicing companies can’t be easily availed during winter. While We ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services are available 24*7 to help you whenever you need us.

Well here are several reasons your central heating system might not work properly and why we advise you to make an inspection check every summer. So you can be ready and make sure your central heating system is ready to do what it’s meant to do, during winter.

  • Improper Maintenance
Improper Maintenance

When you have a technology-related product or whatever plays a major role in keeping you and your family safe. It needs to be maintained and serviced frequently so it doesn’t pull you into the sudden cash crunch. We as people do spend time to service or clean the car at least once a month so it can work on its highest efficiency. In the same way, the Central Heating System, Radiator, and Boiler do need a service or inspection check at least once a year, so it doesn’t get in sudden breakdown when you need it the most. 

Easy Fix: Maintain your central heating system properly to save you from increased energy bills and sudden breakdown.

  • Uncleaned Air Filters
Uncleaned Air Filters

Air Filter is the first thing to look for when your central heating system isn’t working efficiently. These Air Filters naturally clog up over time as dirt and debris accumulate, limiting the quantity of air that can pass through them. So due to dust clogging the air filter, your central heating system is forced to process harder to distribute the heat around the house and it reduces the effectiveness of the central heating system as well as increases your energy bills.

Easy Fix: We recommend you replace the air filters once in six months or clean them once a month for longer durability and reduce the energy bills

  • The problem in Circulation System
The problem in Circulation System

The central heating system is made to work effectively and efficiently by using multiple components. The parts that make up your central heating system deteriorate as they become older, which can put the entire system at risk. Fan motors, bearings, and belts are all part of what permits your system to circulate air throughout your house, and when these critical components fail, circulation suffers considerably. And if your Central Heating System isn’t properly circulating air, it might overheat, causing even more problems.

Easy Fix: Make sure you hire ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services, inspect your system’s components and replace any that exhibit indications of wear and deterioration as part of your routine maintenance.

  • Damaged Air Duct
Damaged Air Duct

Air travels through the series of ducts within your home and these ducts act as heat distributors. So a leak or damage in your ducts will reduce the heat distribution within your home as well as a concentrated amount of heat will be distributed in a specific place, making other rooms still feel colder. If you feel a specific room is warmer than other rooms. There might be a leak in the Air Duct which might be the cause of that. Due to the leakage, it gets too late to warm the house and heating energy bills will go over the roof.

  • Faulty Thermostat
Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is one of the most common causes of heating repairs. The thermostat is the brain of your central heating system and instructions loaded in the thermostat will make your central heating system work accordingly. Sometimes the faulty thermostat can be due to low or no battery, erroneous settings, misread temperatures, and an inability to match with your home’s central heating system. This might result in poor comfort and other heating issues. Consider it as the “Holy Grail” of the house, so handle it with care.

Easy Fix: There are two types of thermostats, Modern Digital one and Analog one. If you’re having a problem with a Digital Thermostat, you might have to replace the batteries and still if it doesn’t work. You might have to call ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services which applies for both digital and analogue thermostat, analog thermostat doesn’t work properly only in case of wiring issues.

How can ESBAH help you with Heating Repairs?

We are one of the most reliable boiler and central heating system repair companies that provide emergency boiler repair and maintenance service in and around Birmingham. Repairing a Central Heating System requires qualified staff and you should always use a Gas Safe registered technician, not doing so can be dangerous. Call our Gas Safe registered engineers on 0121 582 2355. We take great pride in employing the best engineers and plumbers who can exceed the expectations of our valuable customers.