The Ultimate Guide To Radiator Power Flushing

The Ultimate Guide To Radiator Power Flushing

What is Radiator Power Flushing?

   Radiator Power Flushing is a cleansing process to remove accumulated sludge and rust within your central heating system. These substances could cause blockages, radiator breakdown, and even reduce the efficiency of the Radiator as well as the central heating system.

   Radiator Power Flushing helps you improve the radiator lifespan, energy savings, and set a common room temperature throughout the house, even during winter.

Root Cause of Sludge within Radiator Central Heating System 

      The Sludge within the Radiator is caused by a chemical reaction between the water and steel pipe. Some of the root causes are ;

  •   Older Central Heating System
  •   Dirty Water
  •   Water leak
  •   Radiator Damage
  •   The rust within pipes and soldered joints

   The Mixture of Rust and dirt water is one of the essential root causes of sludge formation within the radiator and central heating system

Symptoms to check before Radiator Power Flushing 

     If you’re not sure whether you need radiator power flushing, there are few symptoms to check below

  • Color of the water
    •     By seeing the water flowing inside the radiator, there are three ways to easily identify if you need radiator power flushing or not. 
    •   Clearwater – No Need for Power Flushing
    •   Light Brown Water – Sludge is starting to build up, so Radiator Power flushing is   recommended
    •   Dark Brown Water – The built-up sludge is starting to damage the central heating system and Radiator. Hire our specialists and get it power flushed as soon as possible
  • Noisy Boiler and Radiator
  • Cold Spots at the bottom of the Radiator
  • Certain rooms are much colder than others
  • It takes a long time for the system to Warm-up
  • Frequent Breakdown
  • Cold Radiator with hot pipes

With the above-given information, you would’ve gained a good understanding about “Why you need Radiator Power Flushing”. Now, Our ultimate guide will answer your questions and give you a clear cut perspective about the radiator power flushing process, costs, time taken and its benefits.

The Ultimate Guide to Radiator Power Flushing

           With certain people in mind, we like to make it clear. People tend to go for reduced cost and try to do most of the work themselves. But if you’re going to do Radiator Power Flushing without any professional help, it might cause further damage to your radiator and central heating system. So do go through our guide and reach out to our customer support for any queries related to Radiator Power Flushing

Process of Radiator Power Flushing –

  •          Our professionally trained engineer will use a KAMCO CF90 that specializes in removing specks of dirt, sludges, and rust within the Radiator Central Heating System.   
  •          Our Engineer will add a chemical to the water before starting the flush. So the chemical breaks down the built-up sludge within the central heating system
  •          With an optimized water pressure level, the power flush is started considering the quality and age of the radiator. Rookies and Non-Professionals might power flush without optimizing water pressure, creating further damage within the central heating system.

Power Flushing Lime Scale –

    If there is sludge present within your central heating system, it can be split into three categories based on the mixture

  •      4% Lime Scale
  •     95% Rust
  •      1% Debris

The Lime Scale Percentages vary based on water system and area around Birmingham. In some areas around the Birmingham, the water hardness level are the sole reason behind sludge build within the central heating system

Time taken for Radiator Power Flushing –

  •       Time taken for Radiator Power Flushing varies based on sludge buildup within the radiator and central heating system
  •       Sometimes, the flush runs for several hours and might extend to another day. Until there is a clean water flow and the radiator is free from further sludge residue

Cost for Radiator Power Flushing –

      The Cost of Radiator Power Flushing varies based on Sludge build-up and complexity of the job as well as time taken. This may seem costly, however, potential savings are made due to enhanced central heating system efficiency.

Benefits of Radiator Power Flushing –

  • Increased Lifespan of central heating system
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Radiators Warm Up Faster
  • Even heat distribution throughout the house
  • Reduced Noise in Radiator and Boiler
  • Reduced Chance of Breakdown

How can ESBAH help you?

     Our Engineers are professionally trained and qualified under gas safe. We have a 24×7 Servicing platform for 365 days, with more than 100 skilled and experienced engineers to avail for your emergency plumbing services.