Top 5 reasons to know why your radiator is not heating up

Top 5 reasons to know why your radiator is not heating up

As most of you know the importance of a Radiator in every household. Many households in the United Kingdom have seen rising energy bills for various reasons and some households have started to realize “How minor Central Heating System problems are causing a spike in energy bills?

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In this blog post, we would like to explain the top 5 reasons why your radiator is not heating up and how these minor issues are causing a spike in your energy bills.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to know why your radiator is not heating up

Air Pockets

  • Whenever you touch your radiator if you’re feeling cold patches on a few sides of the Radiator, while some sides show some heat signature. Then there is a high possibility that your Radiator has Air Pockets which is reducing your Radiator Efficiency.
  • To remove Air pockets from the Radiator, you would’ve to bleed it. Once you have started to bleed it, if there is Air pockets within your radiator, you can hear lots of air hissing through the valve, and once it is completely out, you will receive steady flow of water through the valve without any blockage. You close your radiator valve and make sure the pressure in the Radiator is within the boiler pressure limit.
  • By doing this, it clears the Air Pockets within the radiator.

Damaged or Broken Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)

  • The flow of hot water to the radiator is controlled by the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV). It can seize and become stuck from time to time, preventing the hot water from entering when the heating is turned on.
  • It’s a common problem that occurs in most radiators if you’re not sure about how to check if it’s broken or damaged. Call professional ESBAH emergency plumbers, the process of checking it might be complex if you’ve forgotten to reassemble it in order again.

Sludge or Debris formation within Radiator

  • We did point out about the cold patches in the “Air Pocket” section above, those cold patches not only mean that there is an Air Pocket within your Radiator, but they also indicate Sludge or Debris formation within your radiator. 
  • Radiator bleed is a usual process to find what is the problem. So if there is a sludge formation within the radiator, when you bleed your radiator, the colour of the water might be Brown(less extreme) or Black (more extreme).
  • The Brown watercolour indicates, that your Radiator needs immediate power flushing without any delay. However, the Black watercolour indicates that your Radiator has a heavy clog within the radiator and needs immediate attention as well as radiator power flushing.

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Radiator Leak

  • Radiator leak usually points out the need for replacement, unless it’s just a valve without a direct leak from the radiator.
  • Radiator leaks are caused due to sludge and corrosion within the radiator, sometimes external damage to it might be the reason. It’s good to do yearly inspections to check if your radiator has weak signs which can be rectified before it pushes you to spend more money on Radiator replacement.

Low Boiler Pressure

  • Low boiler pressure is one of the most common boiler issues. If a boiler isn’t serviced or examined for at least a year, it may lose its ability to supply hot water and keep your home at a comfortable temperature at all times. It’s not only the boiler; the entire central heating system, as well as the radiator will be affected.
  • Your boiler has to take in a consistent amount of water and air to ensure that the pressure in the system is appropriate for the boiler’s use when it’s turned on. Furthermore, modern boilers require steady water pressure in order to function effectively. 
  • Low boiler pressure can be caused by a leak in the system, a faulty pressure relief valve, or low water pressure.

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