Top Reasons To Hire A Professional Drainage Services

Top Reasons To Hire A Professional Drainage Services

We understand that as a house or company owner, you want to ensure that your drainage service system is in good working condition, that you never have to deal with a sudden breakdown of sewage pipelines within the house or company. 

Clogged drains are inconvenient enough, but a clogged sewer line is even worse. To keep your home safe and healthy, your sewer line is in charge of carefully transferring your home’s wastewater away from your property.

Top Reasons to hire Professional Drainage Services 

  • If your sink is draining slowly, there might be a large clog in your sewer line which is waiting to burst or block the entire drainage service line. A simple clog can be fixed by basic home remedies with a mix of hot water, detergent, and vinegar or baking soda. But if this doesn’t work, it’s better to call the professional drainage services.
  • If you smell something foul near your drain pipes, there might be a crack in your sewer line that releases toxic gases. These cracks happen due to rust or corrosion in sewer pipelines. Another one of the main causes is mishandling the drainage service pipes while unblocking drains.
  • If your water utility bills have gone up, even with lesser consumption, then there might be a crack or leak in your water pipeline.
  • If your toilet doesn’t get flushed as usual but acts in the opposite way by pouring waste out, then something has blocked the drain pipe.
  • If you see any pests, bugs, or rodents roaming inside your house, then there is a crack in your sewer pipeline that acts as a pathway for them.

What happens to the Sewer line if it’s untreated?

What happens to the Sewer line if it’s untreated?

When your sewer line becomes clogged, all of the garbage that is supposed to leave your house gets blocked in it. If left untreated, these blockages can lead to cracked or burst pipes, sewage backflow, and other plumbing problems, so knowing how to recognise a sewer line clog is crucial. We care about the health and safety of your home here at Emergency Plumbing Services, so we’re here to help you figure it out. 

Types of Drainage flow –

There are two types of drainage flow, that connect to the same sewer system.

  • Indoor Drain Pipe
  • Outdoor Drain Pipe 

This Indoor drain pipe connects between your kitchen, bathroom, and additional sinks within the house. On the other hand, an Outdoor drain pipe connects the exterior drain system, that’s used for the flow of rainwater and any wastewater flow outside the house, ranging from car wash to yard cleaning.

Below we have stated briefly about Indoor drain pipe blockage and outdoor drain pipe blockage, along with the steps to prevent them. Even if you’ve any queries, do not hesitate to call our Emergency Plumbing Services.

Indoor Drain Pipe

Why is there a blockage in the Bathtub/Shower drainage service pipeline?

One of the main reasons behind the blocked drain in the bathtub/shower is hair loss, use of lotions, shampoos, and shower gels to clean ourselves. These bathing lotions, bubble baths, soaps, and shampoos are chemical agents that have an opposite reaction towards a drain pipe compared to the human body. Even the excessive use of these lotions might give you shrinking skin & excessive hair loss!.

Steps to prevent blockage in bathtub/shower drainage service pipeline –

  • Pour hot water through the bathtub/ shower drain pipe, after bathing
  • Do not use chemical drainage service pipe cleaners
Why is there a blockage in the Bathtub/Shower drainage service pipeline?

Why is there a blockage in the Toilet drainage service pipeline? 

Sadly, many people treat toilets like a rubbish bin, flushing a variety of items that should never be flushed in a toilet. The list of things you should never flush down the toilet ranges from toys to personal care products. 

Especially, beauty products or personal care products are a combination of multiple chemicals that do not react well with drainage pipes.

These factors can lead to huge blockages, which can result in significant drain pipe damages such as leaks, burst pipes, sewage backflow, and drainage-based issues. 

Why is there a blockage in the Toilet drainage service pipeline?

Steps to Prevent Blockage in Toilets –

  • Keep your toilet clean
  • Flush 2-3 times after using it
  • Do not dump the tissue inside the toilet
  • Do not use unauthorised toilet cleaners, that can damage your sewer drainage service pipe.

Why is there a blockage in the Sink drainage service pipeline?

The food particles, grease waste, and small debris are the main reason behind the blocked drain in the sink.

Steps to Prevent Blockage in Sinks –

  • Remove food particles from the plate, before washing them
  • Do not pour Grease or Fat Oil into the sink
  • Do not dump dust or small debris in the sink
  • Keep the sink clean at the end of the day
Why is there a blockage in the Sink drainage service pipeline?

Outdoor Drain Pipe

This outdoor drain pipe blockage is usually caused by rainwater, sand, waste particles, and small debris around the yard. Due to this, water might get clogged around the house. During this time, do no risk yourselves. Block the water from entering inside your home and contact Emergency Drainage Service professionals.

They will arrive at your house at no time, but risking yourself might cause additional damage to Indoor Sewer Pipeline and as well the house will be flooded with sewer water.

Natural Remedies instead of Hiring Drainage Services

People and some companies might recommend natural remedies, but we want to let you know that, these natural remedies might be the stepping stone towards further damage to the drainage service pipeline.

You might doubt our answer, so here are few suggestions 

  • Like every other industry, pipe manufacturers do upgrade the combined elements for better sewer pipes, which can withhold throughout every climatic condition as well as maintain the flow.
  • But these natural remedies were the same for a long time, which can react as acid within the pipeline causing further damage within the drainage service pipeline.

How ESBAH can help you?

ESBAH Emergency Plumbers is a local plumbing and drainage company based in Birmingham & West Midlands. Our team has over 30 years of experience in domestic, commercial, and industrial drainage services. We are available 24*7 for 365 days, so do reach out for any plumbing services at an affordable cost.