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Frozen pipes bursting in the middle of winter are a source of concern for every home or business owner because they can cause disruptions in the house and lead to costly repairs. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect frozen pipes from bursting.

Frozen pipes bursting in the middle of winter are a source of concern for every home or business owner because they can cause disruptions in the property and lead to costly repairs. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect frozen pipes from bursting. This article covers the basics, please contact us to know more and let us know how we can help you with all your plumbing and heating problems.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep those frozen pipes from bursting. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s something you need to keep in mind while trying to protect frozen pipes from bursting.

“Do you remember Hurricane Harvey that hit the Texas region in 2017 with severe cold weather? Most of the properties in the Texas region was flooded due to the burst pipe and caused severe damages that even insurance companies weren’t even willing to take the fall”

The moral of the story, stay aware of the situation and be prepared.

Even Texas insurance services weren’t ready to cover such large claims, resulting in $125 billion in damages as per the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

How do frozen pipes burst?

One of the common reasons why frozen pipes burst, it’s either due to climatic conditions, aging of the pipe, clog in the drain pipeline, and internal pressure, these are some basic reasons that can lead to burst pipe. However, there are other possibilities too, like overlooked minor plumbing problems. It’s always important to be prepared and stay aware of such situations, if you have a burst pipe then contact us right now!!

Tip: If you love to know the scientific reason behind the frozen burst pipe, check here

How to protect the frozen pipes from bursting?

Turn off the water flow to the frozen pipe

Frozen pipes in winter are pretty normal. However, a clogged pipeline in winter can cause severe damage and lead to burst pipe due to inbuilt pressure. To protect the frozen pipe from bursting, stop the water flow to the clogged pipeline, make sure to drain the water and remove the clog from all your pipelines, it will help you protect the frozen pipes from bursting.

Thaw the frozen pipe

It’s one of the common practices in and around the United Kingdom to use hot water and heating appliances to thaw the frozen pipe. Fortunately, you can also use this simple trick, where you can open the faucet and let it drip. So the water flow doesn’t stop and doesn’t freeze. It protects your pipe from completely freezing.

Note: Do not use any heating appliances that can cause damage to the pipeline. Use hot water until frozen water is completely thawed. If you cannot thaw the frozen pipe and couldn’t find the frozen area. Then contact our ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services immediately.

Keep the interior warm

In order to protect your pipelines from freezing within the house, it’s important to keep your central heating system running throughout the day at least in a cost efficient and energy saving temperature. Although you may be familiar with the Department of Energy’s recommendation to adjust the heating temperature to save energy, however maintaining a steady temperature and keeping the house warm throughout the winter will keep your house warm as well as protect your pipes within the house from freezing.

Insulate pipes exposed to cold temperature

When your pipeline is exposed to cold temperatures, they’re susceptible to freezing and burst pipes. Covering your exposed pipeline is the easiest and most effective way to protect your pipeline. Make sure to insulate your pipes in the attic, basement and garage with expanding foam or heated reflector light.

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Does insurance cover the frozen burst pipe?

Most homeowner and commercial property insurance policies will cover frozen burst pipes. However, the policy might change for each region and company. Some companies don’t offer insurance coverage for certain situations like “Overlooking minor damage” which leads to burst pipe and some companies don’t offer insurance coverage for “Not preventing the pipe from freezing”. It’s important to check your insurance coverage policies.

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