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Top 5 Solid reasons to service your boiler this summer

Boiler Servicing is often overlooked during summer. As most people wait until there is a major problem or wait till it doesn’t work when they go to turn it on, in the winter. However a boiler should be annually serviced before winter so it doesn’t break down or cause problems when you need it the most.

However, we don’t tend to pay much attention to our central heating system and boiler during the warmer months. It is essential to be serviced or inspected at least before winter arrives as a safety precaution.

Why do you want it serviced during summer ?

Most people in England and Birmingham typically don’t use Boiler or Central Heating System during summer. As per Telegraph article on Meteorological Summer, this year summer has been among the hottest compared to previous years. So you can expect a similar high winter temperature.

With Cold Weather seemingly lasting forever, we rely and reflect on the usage of boilers to protect ourselves in winter. We receive most of the emergency boiler service calls during winter, due to not inspecting and servicing the boiler before winter. But we at ESBAH Emergency Plumbing Services take responsibility in getting them serviced on time and we also want to help you understand the necessity of it, so you won’t be one of them who is stuck with boiler issues during winter.

Here are Top 5 Reasons to Service your Boiler this Summer

  • Convenience

Typically only few people decide to service or inspect their boiler during summer. So it will be easy for you to hire us and need not wait in the long queue to get it serviced. As there will be no use for boilers during winter, servicing them in summer will be convenient for you and as well as us to get the work done sooner.

  • Cost Effective

As there is less demand for boiler servicing during the summer and it’s nowhere near Christmas, it gives you a chance to spread out some expenses. As per the yougov article “The Average Brit Spends almost £1,116 at Christmas”, so December is not your best month to check out for a boiler repair. You might think, why the cost differs between summer and winter for the same service . Well the cost varies based on the demand and expenses of doing the service.

  • Early Fault Detection

It’s easy to say, boilers would have more usage during winter than summer, but most people prefer showering in Hot water.  Therefore,either way the boiler gets to run frequently throughout the year whatever the season it may be. But most of the issues occur during winter due to the climatic condition and exceptional usage of the boiler. In most cases, the problem goes undetected without prior boiler inspection, which leads to severe boiler damages and increased cost. 

  • Efficiency

Mostly, the age and usage of boilers define the energy efficiency. Replacing a boiler is costly, as per boiler companies the minimum warrant for a boiler is 2 years and maximum is 15 years. To have a longer life span, boilers should be maintained and serviced at least once in a year. To check the efficiency of the boiler after servicing, it has to be tested by adjusting the room temperature and Air Pressure level. That’s why, it’s better to test these efficiencies during summer rather than winter, where you would need the most.

  • Keep your family safe

Even though the inspection and servicing is all to reduce the energy   bills, there is more to it. Air Pressure within the boiler isn’t safe, if there is a problem within the boiler. As per United Kingdom Government article about “Carbon monoxide poisoning sends 4,000 people to A&E each year” , they refer to unmaintained Gas and Fuel appliances that lead to serious health disorders. 

“As the Chief Medical Officer says: “The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are very similar to those for flu and food poisoning including persistent headaches, sickness and tiredness.”

  Quoted from Gov.uk

How can ESBAH help your Boiler problem be solved ?

We are one of the most reliable boiler repair companies in Birmingham that provide emergency boiler repair and maintenance service in and around Birmingham. Repairing a boiler requires qualified staff and you should always use a Gas safe registered technician, not doing so can be dangerous. Call our Gas safe registered engineers on 0121 582 2355 .  We take great pride in employing the best engineers and plumbers who can exceed the expectations of our valuable customers.

Note : This should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, with the main objective to ensure your boiler continues to operate safely and efficiently.

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