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You live in Birmingham and have a central heating system with radiators or underfloor heating, or even both, and you have noticed that your underfloor heating system has cold zones, that your radiators are warm, or that you need to increase the heating power of your boiler or heat pump? It’s time to call in a local Birmingham professional company to remove the mud, sludge and grime from your home’s heating system.

What is “central heating power flushing” in Birmingham, West Midlands?

Behind this word, which is more reminiscent of cleaning your car after a trip to the fields, is the cleaning of heating systems such as radiators and underfloor heating.

Over time, your heating system begins to clog up. How can this happen? As water contains limescale, the heating system will start to oxidize and rust. In addition to this, microorganisms are also present. The pipes will gradually become clogged and reduce the efficiency of your heating system while increasing energy consumption.

Which facilities are involved in central heating power flushing ?

As soon as you have a central heating system where water circulates, you will need to carry out a regular de-sludging or radiator power flushing Birmingham. The removal of the boiler and the removal of the heating circuit are to be done during the process by the heating engineer.

This concerns the gas condensing boiler, an oil boiler, an air-water heat pump or a water-water heat pump which all operate on a hydraulic system.

The removal of mud from underfloor heating, boiler mud removal and radiator mud removal are all completed via this process.

ESBAH Plumbing Services provide radiator power flushing services in Birmingham and across the entire West Midlands area. Contact our team today to book your power flushing on 0121-582-2355.

Why do a central heating power flushing ?

It is the maintenance of your heating system in the house. It accumulates scale, rust and micro-organisms and limits or slows down the flow of hot water. The powerflushing will enable you to increase the heating temperature. The main advantages of a de-sludging:

  • Save 10 to 15% on your heating bill.
  • improve heating comfort
  • remove strange noises in the pipes
  • increase the life of the boiler. This will prevent you from changing your boiler or heat pump prematurely.

When to do a central heating power flushing ?

You replace your old boiler by a new condensing boiler or by an air-water heat pump for example. It is therefore advisable to clean the hydraulic circuit of its sludge so as not to damage or diminish the performance of the new boiler.
After a few years of operation of your installation it is strongly recommended to clean the heating sysytem. This will improve the heating capacity. For example, the cleaning of the gas boiler will allow to have less hot water in the heating circuit and thus to lower the gas bill of the dwelling. The removal of the cast iron radiators is very important because they require a very high hot water temperature to function properly.

How to remove the mud from the heating system ?

We always recommend that a professional heating engineer or plumber be involved, no matter what situation you are in. However, we would like to help you understand and learn how to use heating systems. The intervention of a professional allows you to benefit from guarantees, know-how and also equipment: in this case, a heating pump to remove the mud from the heating system. Because I don’t think you have a Kamco professional radiator powerflush pump machine in the garage, you will need to rent a rinsing and de-sludging pump.

Here are the different steps for the maintenance of your heating circuit. It should be noted, however, that techniques change depending on the pump to be descaled .

The main steps are:
Bleed the central heating circuit, finding the lowest point of your installation so that the water flows naturally. To purge the circuit there is an air inlet and an air outlet…
Rinse the heating system with clear water to remove suspended sludge.
Close the underfloor heating circuits or turn off your radiators.
Start de-sludging circuit by circuit to work in zones.
Check the color of the water for an optimal result
Restore pressure and perform pressure tests to validate that there are no leaks.

What are the different central heating power flushing techniques ?

Obviously there is no one way to remove the sludge, there are many. ESBAH Plumbing Services takes a look at the systems available on the market.

Chemical de-sludging: this is the anti-ecological version that many professionals are abandoning because it is difficult to implement and its effectiveness is limited. You pass a chemical product through the heating system, the most well known de-sludging product. During the rinsing process, your water and the chemical product go into the sewers…
Hydrodynamic de-sludging. Here, for the moment, it is a totally ecological solution since you inject clear water and air.
It can happen that the system is so clogged that it is necessary to use both processes.

ESBAH Plumbing Services provide radiator power flushing services to homes and business in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. Contact our team today to book your power flushing on 0121-582-2355.

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